I-Know makes college easy.

I-Know is a Google Chrome Extension that will help you stay organized.

Instead of checking the school's website for assignments, I-Know will check for you, and create a checklist of upcoming assignments.

We currently support any school using Brightspace or Canvas.

I-Know Checks For You

I-Know is the only student planner that keeps itself updated. It speaks the same language as your school's learning system, and it tracks all your assignments so you can relax and focus on other things.

Give I-Know a Shot.

We're sure that it'll make your life easier.

Core Features

Free Forever
  • The Task Checklist The core feature of I-Know is free for you to use.
  • Push Notifications when an assignment is soon due.

Premium Features

  • Everything in I-Know Core plus:
  • Gradebook View! See your current grade and the grades for each assignment.
  • What-If Calculator! See how different assignments affect your grades.
  • Course News! Read announcements from your university and courses directly in I-Know.
  • New Item Button! Some professors don't use the Learning System. Add their assignments to the list.
  • Student Activity List! If your university has an RSS or iCal calendar, we'll integrate it directly into I-Know.

We're Partnered

It's like we're standing on the shoulders of giants.

With D2L

D2L makes Brightspace and we've partnered with them to provide a better experience for students using their platform.

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Batteries Included

Here are just a few of our features that make I-Know awesome.

Your assignments in a checklist

I-Know will automaticly find your assignments and notifiy you when one is close to being due.

What-if Calculator

Do you want to know what would happen if you got an 95% on that test? Now you can know. Just change the grade to whatever you want and your grade will recalculate.

The Proof is in the Pudding

This is what students have to say about I-Know.


I've had this for about 8 months now, and I love this. It tracked my assignments and gave me reminders when I had 2 hours left to turn an assignment in. Now with the new update, I am at a lose for words. It still tracks my assignments and gives reminders, but it also makes it easy to see updates, and news from professors, campus events, to view grades (past and present. This is just an amazing extension that I think would only benefit someone. Keep up the good work, and thank you! :)


LOVE THIS!! This extension has literally saved my grades!


Oh my gosh, bless your beautiful soul for making this!


Worth the monthly fee! Thank you Ryan! It has made life so much easier!


This extension saved me endless hours of worrying if I had everything I needed turned in!


I've had this since it was free and it is at it's best stage. It does everything that I've been wanting it to. I would seriously consider paying for it now just because of how easy it has made my life. I could not survive my online classes without this extension. I-Know makes up for everything that I-Learn doesn't have, and more. I have recommended it to a ton of people and I will continue to do so.


Seriously awesome. I had the Brightspace pulse app, which is glitchy! It worked okay last semester, then when the new semester began, it registered none of my classes. I started to panic until my friend told me about this extension. I feel so grateful!! Thanks, Ryan; it's worth every penny!


It's only my first semester and this is a life saver. And it can only get better! Thanks Ryan and everyone else for downloading this. Now tell everyone about it and get the whole campus to use it!


This is SO helpful when trying to figure out when my assignments are due. Thanks a bunch Ryan!


OH MY GOODNESS! I LOVE THIS HEAVEN-SENT THING! Thank you, Ryan Allred. One of my friends showed it to me Fall 2016 and I am so grateful for it. It is very nice to see all that I have due in the upcoming days and plan accordingly without having to navigate all of I-Learn. Plus it is always fun to check things off and see all the green!


Amazing. This helped me so so so much. I took 4 classes online last semester. I don't know that I would have made it through without this extension. It helped me stay organized.


Honestly Ryan you just saved my life. I just started back up and I about had it with not knowing what was due and having to go back and forth and back and forth. This is awesome! Thank you Ryan!


This is so helpful!! I think everyone could use this. I love that all of my classes appear here and that I can actually check off tasks as I do them. Thanks Ryan :)


This is amazing. Thank you so much!

I-Know for Universities

Students are at school so they can become an expert in a field, not an expert in a learning management system.

We surveyed over 150 students using I-Know at their university and 90% of them use I-Know every day, and 97.5% use it at least once a week. Students use the LMS more than any other stakeholder. I-Know gives them the tools they need to succeed.